Monday, June 14, 2010

Windows,android,and iphone said to be nervous

All major cellphone OS like windows mobile,android,and iphone are said to be nervous. If Sony playstation mobile is released who will go to buy a regular cellphone for games. No one will be able to compete on a gaming level against sony paystation mobile. Plus the fact that most consumers are tired of the average cellphone hard to control games will look into buying the hybrid of game/cellphone combination. Some industry insiders say by the end of next year there will only be 2 phones that sell Iphone4G OS and Sony Playstation mobile.

What should we do? Sony executives decide!

Now the leaders at sony are trying to decide whether to make the Playstation phone run PSP games or add extra processing power to make the Sony playstation phone run the latest playstation3 games. Insiders say they are leaning to go ahead add the extra processors to make it playstation3 compatible. But some analyst are saying that is virtually impossible. I stay ahead on the story and report to you when I have new information.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Playstation mobile

Now entering the latest cellphone wars is Sony with thier playstation mobile phone. Bringing video games really into the palm of your hand. Imagine while traveling whipping out your cellphone to play God of War3. Now Sony aims to bring that imagination to life. The playstion mobile phone is marked to come out around christmas , so start saving your money now!!